Pushing through the pain barrier


Day 7 – Week 8 – Monday 17th  December – day 1 Boot camp

So you know when you hit that brick wall, and everything inside you tells you to stop, well I got that today, I got half way through and my body just gave in, then I remembered something our instructor put on facebook and it made me carry on!

Pushing through the pain barrier

“Listen to your body”

Fatigue starts in your brain not your muscles.

Scientists have discovered that your brain tells you to ditch the workout before your body needs to to preserve energy! So whenever you are working out you take a few big deep breaths and you should get that boost to complete the workout!

Yep, that came in useful today, although my brain and body we’re both in sync. I am really starting to enjoy exercise though!

I cant actually believe I’ve done 8 weeks of healthy eating and exercising, it’s really the best I have EVER done!!!