To keep myself motivated I’ve set little targets and treats!

It certainly has helped keep me going and helped breakdown my aims into smaller portions


Number 1  I lost my first 7lbs  booked myself in for a manicure and pedicure   {Reached 6/11}

Number 2   I lost 10lbs I’m booked in for a new hair style cut and colour { Reached 13/11 }

Number 3  I lost 14lbs I’m took myself for a full massage and body scrub { Reached  20/11 }

Number 4  I  lost 10% of my bodyweight took myself for a hydrating facial { Reached  4/12 }

Number 5  I lost 25lbs  treated myself to a luxury pedicure and manicure ready for Christmas {reached 18/12}

Number 6 I lost 2 stone, 28 lbs, I’m going to buy myself all new makeup {reached 25/12}


Number 7 {Target 12/01/13} –  I’m going to save money week for the next 12 weeks, then at the end of it go shopping and buy some new “thinner” clothes!

UPDATE: 11/01/13 I’ve decided to hold off the new clothes for another 10 weeks, and have a sit and set myself some new targets!!

Everyone is different, for me having goals of a more treat nature works, it may be that you give yourself goals of a different nature, like when I’ve lost 7lbs Im going to ….. whatever keeps you motivated, do it!