Getting the rythmn


 Day 2 – Week 9 – Wednesday 19th December

Phase 4 final entry date is Monday 15th April 2013 so if you fancy giving it a go yourself I’d say do it, don’t just wait until after Christmas, start now! Here’s the phase 1 and 2 winners (Day 7 – Week 5 – Monday 26th November 2012)

I’m really excited to see the Phase 3 winners, I recon we will know who they are by end of January 2013

Do you really want to be joining the hoards of people starting the new year workouts at the gym? Classes will get fuller, you’ll get pushed to the back, so make yourself a regular before that!

Getting the rythmn

When I first started the classes, I was uncoordinated and could not do a routine to save my life, I’ve discovered that by doing Kettlercise it has changed the way my thought process works during a work out, before Id be on countdown through each “move” waiting for it to end, now I try to get the most out of each “move” to gain maximum inch loss and get as much definition as possible!

To see how a class works see this post